Mikkeli central hospital
Porrassalmenkatu 35, 50100 Mikkeli

We will occupy the main lobby and the surrounding meeting rooms and auditorium. If you see Future Hospital posters you’re in the right place.


Tips & FAQ


Take at least a laptop and a charger with you. You might be able to survive with a tablet as well. If you wish to sleep bring a bedroll, travel mattress, pillow etc. It is highly recommended to have also a toothbrush and deodorant.


Food and refreshments

There will be free food and refreshments. You don’t need to bring anything with you. You cannot bring alcohol or be drunk during the event.


Do I have to stay and work overnight?

We highly recommend staying late. A design jam is quite an experience and best during the night. You don’t need to work all the time and you have plenty of time to rest and sleep. You can go home or elsewhere to have some sleep if you like to have more peaceful environment. We will reserve some rooms for rest and sleep.

We think it takes something away from the atmosphere if people leave early and come back late. It’s a social event.


Is the event English only?

The official language of the event is English. We will be doing all the talks and official communications in English only. Also the presentations are done in English. However, you can work in any language you like and the staff speaks Finnish.



Don’t have a team already? Don’t worry. We will do matchmaking in the beginning of the event. It’ll be fun. Working alone is not that much fun.


Do I have to code? Or do some other weird techie stuff?
No, not everyone needs to code. But definitely yes, you need to get your hands dirty and get involved in some tech. These days everything is run by software and data is everywhere. It’s a good idea to get to know some tech. In our opinion, a good team needs a mix of technical and non-technical skills. Try to have a developer, designer, and subject expert in your team.


There will be mentors who can help you with technology, design, and subject matters. Mentoring is available in both English and Finnish.


Other questions?

Send email to or tweet @jotudin