Gamification, games for physical activity, monitoring, quantified patients, virtual reality, mixed reality



Let’s get up from the bed! In this challenge, we are thinking of new ways for encouraging inpatients’ physical activity and rehabilitation to promote their own health. This could be carried out by a patient alone or in cooperation with other patients, relatives, and employees. How to motivate patients in the ward to get up from the bed?



The vast majority of people are physically too inactive to maintain their health. When they are hospitalized their level of physical activity decreases even more. In the hospital it is too tempting to lie down and rather watch TV than walk between the white walls. Most of the patients are elderly people. According to research, a 24-hour immobilization reduces muscle strength 1,5% among patients over 65-year-old. Bed rest of few days or weeks could pose serious challenges to life after discharge from the hospital, especially among those with previously poor physical condition. The hospital environment is not very stimulating, and it might feel difficult to walk around. Sometimes patients are concerned about their own coping and have for example fear of falling, which further decreases normal moving.

How would patients be mobilized? Can a game motivate them to move? What incentives for mobility could be used in the hospital context? What about the situation, in which they suddenly realize that they will not be able to walk safely anymore? What would be an advice? How to consider patient safety in games that encourage physical activity?


Approach and considerations

Can fitness games activate patients? Could competition or gamification play a role? How would they need to be designed for these user groups?


Technology, data, and materials

IFC and FBX models will be handed out on-site.

There are five HTC Vives and 10 Samsung VRs available for development, testing, and for some gaming.


Unity  https://unity3d.com/

Unity tutorials and documentation: https://unity3d.com/learn

IMB Watson SDK for Unity: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/02/20/bringing-the-power-of-ai-to-developers-with-the-ibm-watson-unity-sdk/

Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.com

Unreal Engine documentation: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/

Unreal Engine video tutorials: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/


YouTube search words (it’s a really good source for quick info)

  • IBM Watson Unity
  • Using device camera in Unity



  • Concepts and ideas on how to motivate patients to get up from bed or do exercises in the bed if standing up is not possible
  • Demonstrate the concept with appropriate technology (e.g. app or video) or by other means depending on its nature
  • Don’t just present an idea without backing it up