The challenges are carefully sourced with our partners who represent multiple industries and domains. All of the challenges are based on real-world problems, and we think they’re worth solving. The solutions could be design, technology, or domain oriented. In many cases, you get to choose what to focus on. There are no ready or right solutions. It’s up to you to explore, design, and build whatever you feel you need to. You’ll get access to 3D model for the new hospital. The model will be usable in modeling software, game development tools (e.g. Unity, Unreal Engine), and in Steam etc. In addition, it can be used for 2D planning. However, it isn’t mandatory to use the model.

Each challenge is a link to detailed description.


Customer experience

Navigation and technology-aided guidance
Tags: information design, infographics, 2D & 3D environment and models, augmented reality

Comfort and wellbeing in hospital environments
Tags: gamification, visualization, entertainment, relaxing, service design, audiovisual design

Virtual adviser (for social and health services)
Tags: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, natural language processing, service design

Facing your fears
Tags: service design, psychology, behavior, gamification, serious games

Feedback from the virtual worlds – learning from the users
Tags: User needs, user feedback, 3D user interface, virtual reality, mixed reality, game development, speech recognition, Unity, Unreal Engine, visualization


Employee experience

Employee familiarization
Tags: learning games, gamification, instructions, infographics

Education and in-service training
Tags: learning and training games, gamification, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality


Designing experiences and promoting wellbeing

Activation of inpatients and outpatients in hospital environments
Tags: gamification, games for physical activity, monitoring, quantified patients, virtual reality, mixed reality

Voluntary and self-imposed improvement of health and well-being
Tags: gamification, games for physical activity, monitoring, quantified self, feedback, service design


Open challenge

You decide what is worth solving and doing
You can combine ideas and materials from the above challenges, or choose something totally different. However, you need to be able to demonstrate your idea.