What is Future Hospital design jam?

Future Hospital is an inspiring technology and design event for everyone interested in co-creating future hospital, learning, and having fun together. The event is for students, designers, programmers, nurses, doctors, health professionals, engineers, architects, researchers, technologists, game developers, and all kinds of people with curious and open mind. There is a track for individuals and companies. Also, we have prizes for you to win with your team. We’ll even help you to find or create a team, or you can be a lone wolf should you choose so.


Future Hospital brings together 1) hospital, well-being, and health; 2) construction, architecture, and design; and 3) software, user experience, and research. Together we add in some magical technology, multidisciplinary thinking, and awesome people.


We have sourced some unsolved problems and future possibilities. We also happen to have a 3D model of the new hospital; a model that can be used, for example, in game engines and in virtual reality apps. But we know technology cannot solve problems by itself. We need domain experts, students, and others; and we need well-thought designs for us (i.e. humans). Check out the Challenges page for more details on what is to come.


Oh, and here is some name-and-term-dropping for the stuff that you’ll get to play with…

User experience, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D-modeling,¬†Unity, Unreal Engine, HTC Vive, game development, gamification, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, visualization, infographics, learning games…


Alright, that sounds great but what the heck is a design jam?

Design jam is like a hackathon but with a twist. It is a unique combination of technology and design – an event for innovation and exploration of new technology, human-computer interaction and better life. Sounds bold, but we are serious about awesome sh*t. A design jam includes different approaches into solving problems. For example, you could choose to design services that matter, craft beautiful user interfaces, visualize data in virtual reality, develop magical software, re-think how hospital experience should be, or go wild and design your own challenge, and solve it.


In a nutshell, a design jam is about people with different skills and backgrounds forming teams, and then solving problems, building cool stuff, and having fun together. We provide the technology, the challenges, the food, and the refreshments – as well as the entertainment. You provide your skills and imagination.